Award Entry Tip #2: Find Your Hero Story

When writing your business award entry, remember that judges are people, and people like great stories. One way to capture their attention and interest is to structure your entry narrative with storytelling elements that showcase your brand’s journey.

Tell the Backstory

Provide backstory on humble beginnings, purpose-driven origins or first innovations that sparked your launch. Highlight challenges you faced as the underdog disrupter fighting giants with more resources but less passion for progress. Feature the inflection points, big idea pivots and stroke of genius that shifted momentum in your favor. And showcase quantifiable achievements that trace your arc to success.

Use Vivid Descriptions, Statistics, and Testimonials

Liven up your entry with compelling and emotive vocabulary that creates vivid mental images for judges as if they’re experiencing it firsthand. Blend user stories with hard quantitative proof. For example, combine client quotes sharing the tangible impact your solution provided for them with statistics showcasing customer or revenue growth fueled by that solution to make the story leap off the page. This brings the judges along your success journey.

Balance Details with Clarity and an Easy-to-Follow Storyline

While entries must showcase comprehensive achievements tied directly to scoring criteria, too much minutiae overwhelms readers. Use section headers, brief explanatory transition sentences between evidence examples, bulleted lists when helpful, and strong summaries to organize key information. Emphasize the most powerfully differentiating proof points. Guide judges smoothly towards your ultimate outcomes without losing them in the weeds so your victory emerges clearly.

Craft an Appropriately Sized Hero Story

While the hero’s journey structure can work well for awards entries, it’s critical to match the story arc and length to the specifics of the award application. Review submission guidelines carefully to understand if there are precise word counts or other length restrictions. Many applications must be reviewed quickly by judges, limiting how much background and narrative can be included. In those cases, focus on a clear, condensed storyline highlighting only the most vital background and pivotal moments. For awards with more flexibility, you can expand into a longer-form narrative. Either way, tightly weave in powerfully differentiating proof points and key metrics cleanly into the hero’s journey timeline to showcase your success aligned to judging criteria. Let the unique strengths of your brand emerge impactfully within a narrative matched to expectations.