Congratulations, You Won a Business Award! Now What?

An award validates your hard work and sets your company apart from competitors. However, the real value comes from properly leveraging the award to grow your brand. Here are actionable tips:

  • Announce the award through press releases and social media. Work with a PR agency or marketing team to showcase the achievement across platforms.

  • Update your website, emails, and all marketing collateral with the award details and/or badge, reinforcing your elevated status.

  • Next, connect the award to your brand messaging. Explain why you won and how it furthers your mission and values.

  • Share the news of your win in your company newsletter. Add employee or customer testimonials showcasing your service. This tells a compelling story that builds authenticity.

  • Showcase your award in the lobby or conference room, where stakeholders and potential employees will see it.

  • Additionally, you can use the award to secure speaking opportunities, partnerships, and media features to capitalize on your elevated status.

  • Finally, give back. Consider sponsoring an emerging talent award or donate to your business’ trade organizations, to establish your company as an industry leader.

Leveraging accolades takes strategy, but pays dividends. Use these tips to turn awards into brand growth, cementing your hard-earned distinction.